Ocular Kiosk Advertising Display Charger



The future of modern, dual use advertising has arrived. Attract EV owners to your shopping centre, carpark or business and generate clear advertising ROI while they charge their sustainable vehicles.

  • The Ocular Kiosk Charger with digital display advertising screen makes a stunning impact using a large 55” LED screen that can be programmed with content of your choice.
  • State of the art technology with reliability and a quality image is ideal for attracting your audience’s attention near the entry to a building, pay station or lift well.
  • The Kiosk is also easy to install through a qualified electrician, operate, update the video content, manage and service. Your audience will stop and stare!
  • This easy to configure charger works on any network and is particularly useful undercover for parking, out of home and shopping areas.
  • Order in advance and receive delivery in 3 months.
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Ocular Kiosk Advertising Display Charger

Premium display with android media in a space saving design

  • Advertise to anyone in your building, carpark or space
  • Billing enabled via Exploren OCPP to generate revenue from EV charging
  • Sound enabled video can be played through the audio capability
  • Ultra bright sunlight readable LED screen
  • Auto brightness control
  • Remote controllable
  • USB plug and play option
  • Dimensions 885 x 2105 x 275mm and weighs 195kg
  • Powerful EV charging capability Charge 2 EV’s at once
  • 230-400Volts Dual Three Phase with configurable output (10A-32A)
  • Charging speeds – 2x 7kW (32A) or 2x 22kW (32A) 3-phase model
  • Smart network connectivity via ethernet, WLAN switching
  • RFID and mobile app identification for charging customers
  • OCPP smart charging, 1.6J compliant with smart load balancing

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