How it works

Static Load Management

Static load management is the most basic form of load management. EV chargers operating on this system will be limited by a power limit for all the chargers on the same system. The load limit will then be distributed evenly among the chargers in use.

This system is inbuilt into the charger, this can be controlled through pre-programming on the Ocular charger or moderated by an OCPP software.

Active Load Management

Active load management is our comprehensive form of load management which required upgrades to the switchboard. This load management process also operates under a power load limit however, consumption is based on the real-time usage of the site. As a building uses more or less energy and the available power for the chargers’ changes, the load management system will actively adapt to accommodate to the building capacity. When site power consumption is high, there will be a reduction in power available to the chargers and vice versa.

Load Management Ev Charging


Active load management is more advanced as the management station will analyse all power consumption across the board to optimise usage whereas the static will distribute the desired load limit across chargers in use. Active management is highly recommended for light/ heavy commercial sites and large fleets where other electrical loads must be taken into consideration. Both system provide the ability to control up to 250 Ocular IQ AC Chargers.

Solar Integration

Users of the active load management system have the option to utilise existing site solar infrastructure to assist charging. Rather than excess solar passing back to the grid, it can be redirected to the charging station to minimise the use of grid power. With different modes to ensure you are using the correct level of solar for your site’s needs you can achieve your sustainability goals to get greater value for money and charge cleaner. A setup for enduring value in the long haul.

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Management Software that suits your requirements

Installation of a load management system will protect the electrical infrastructure of a site without requiring a complete upgrade of a switchboard. Therefore, you can maintain optimal operation of existing and future electrical infrastructure at a cheaper cost than replacing your board.

Both systems aid in reducing energy consumption by reducing overloading of electrical infrastructure. In combination with OCPP software scheduling, there can be significant energy savings.

Managers of the site and charging infrastructure have the ability to control their static or active load management system locally (through Modbus) or via OCPP software (online). This provides more options and greater control.

Our load management solutions can grow as your EV infrastructure does. As the EV market continues to expand, ensure your current solutions are future-proof.

Effortlessly Balance Your Home’s Energy with Smart Charging Solutions

This built in load management system is currently exclusive to our IQ Home Range only

Load management systems optimise your EV charging by harnessing solar energy during peak sunlight hours, reducing reliance on grid electricity. This not only cuts down on energy costs but also maximizes the use of renewable resources, making your home more eco-friendly.

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