Remove the need for expensive power upgrades and ensure all electric vehicles are charged safely.

EV charging stations consume a large amount of power in a long period of time when in use. Load Management is therefore a critical safety feature
protect the properties’ electrical infrastructure whilst maintaining efficient and optimal operation of the charging infrastructure. Our EV charging solution supports 2 forms of Load Management locally and more via OCPP Smart Profiles:

Offline Solution via Modbus
Can control up to 250 x Ocular IQ AC Chargers
Integration with solar system (coming soon)

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Load Management Overview

Ocular has the world’s most powerful load control systems available, allowing your fleet of charger to scale. Manage up to 250 Ocular chargers utilising our advanced load control system for AC Charging.

  • Dynamic Load Management
  • Active Load Management

World Leading Load Control Technology

By employing an additional master controller, the IQ Range of Ocular chargers can monitor the other appliances consumption and adjust the power limit for all the chargers accordingly to accommodate the building’s power capacity. If the site’s consumption
increases then the power available to the charging station decreases and vice versa.

Real-time power consumption therefore, changes actively as the sites load varies. Just think how much power a commercial office has at night or when machinery stops.

This is the most basic Load Management form. In this option, the site’s administrator / installer sets up the maximum power capacity that he wants to spare for the whole EV charging system. The controller will then distribute this amount of power evenly to all the connected chargers and make sure that all the chargers will not exceed the power limit while operating simultaneously

Users can simply enter their specific charging requirements OCPP platform will distribute the limited / maximum power at the specified times based on the charging schedule. Please check with OCPP provider on the features they have.

Load Management 3d Temp

Proudly Australian developed and operated.

Scalable Solutions

To facilitate the mass adoption of electric vehicles, we must continue to develop technologies that will enable the optimisation of electrical loads. This enables the growth of electric fleets and decreases the total cost of ownership to help accelerate the transition.

In-built Modular Technology

Unlike other brands our technology is inbuilt and ready to go. This means adding load control is a small programming step for static control and an additional controller for Active charging. We can even help you with programming and set up. Nice!

Developed in Australia

Our load control technology is developed in Australia. This means the system is tested, tried and designed for Australian conditions. We’ve deployed the system for major corporations such as AGL, AutoNexus and developers so you can be confident in it’s success.