What is DC charging

DC (Direct Current) charging is different from AC (Alternating Current), when charging your electric vehicle with a DC charger there is power feeding directly into the battery rather than needing to be converted. This leads to bigger, faster, and more powerful chargers.

This is a fast-charging solution considered to be perfect for public and commercial sites where charging time for electric vehicles are limited. DC is also best for businesses looking to electrify their fleet. Sources of DC power can be generated from the grid or renewable energy such as solar panels to ensure efficient utilisation of sustainable energy.


If you are unsure if DC Charging is the right solution for you check out an overview of our DC Range below!


Ocular Titan Dc Charger


Our 60kW DC Charger, is ideal for fleet, public and small commercial sites. The sleek and compact design does not compromise on high quality ultra-fast charging. There are two models available depending on your site limitation and charging needs. The 60kW will charge at 360km per hour.

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Even faster charging?

The 60-120kW DC Charger is our ultimate combination charging solution, combining DC and AC charging. With three charging cables, it is possible to charge up to three electrical vehicles simultaneously as well as an E-Bike. This charger is the perfect public charging system for speed and versatility. Most models of electrical vehicles in Australia will be charged in less than an hour to meet the needs of the public and your organisation.

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The 60-180kW DC Charger is our ultra-fast charger to supercharge electric vehicles. You can simultaneously charge two vehicles at once, beautifully combining speed and functionality for the ultimate super charger for public and heavy commercial sites. Most EV models will be charged in under 30 minutes, to get back on the road sooner.

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120 And 150 Dc Charger  fast charger DC to DC charger

Ocular DC fast chargers

OCPP Compatible

All our DC Chargers are compatible with OCPP monitoring software. This allows for easy management, analysis and billing through an easy-to-use platform. Any networking software can be used with all of our DC range.

Reliable in every situation

Ocular DC Chargers are easy to install, and maintain thanks to its modular components, high quality electrical components and rugged, metallic frames.  Our units are designed for commercial application which demand reliability.


Instant Feedback with LCD Display

For unrivalled accessibility and simplicity for anyone who uses the charger, the display will guide the users with all  information to charge right every time.