DC Charging Station Australia

Ocular If you’re looking for a fast-charging solution that can fully charge EVs within minutes, DC charging station might be the right choice for you. The growth of the electric vehicle market has encouraged businesses across the globe to embrace electric mobility. More and more businesses are considering to invest in EV charging stations whether it is for their fleet electrification or to offer charging facilities to their customers. However, it can be challenging looking for the optimal charging solution that matches the needs of your organization as there are many different available options out there. If you’re looking for a fast-charging solution that can fully charge EVs within minutes, DC charger might be the right choice for your business.

Ocular Charging is Australia’s leading importer, supplier, and installer of DC Charger for electric vehicles in both commercial and residential settings.
Ocular Charging is the top professional in DC Charger installations and maintenance services in Australia and surrounding areas. We provide customised DC Charging Station solutions with load management and personalised billing options to meet your specific needs.
Ocular Charging aims to help power Australia’s sustainable future and serve Australia’s emerging Electric Vehicle market by providing low-cost plug-in DC Charging Station to cities, local councils, and private operators.
Ocular Charging offers low-cost, environmentally friendly refuelling DC Charger options for buses and vehicles. Ocular Charging are experts in the technology that allows you to use renewable energy at a cheap price. We want to make switching to zero-emission technology as simple and risk-free as possible for bus and truck operators.
Ocular Charging is developing Australia’s most advanced fast-charging network for DC Charging Station and offers high-quality charging solutions for the home, business, and public. Installation, management, maintenance, and analytics are all included in the services.
For residential, public, and commercial use, Ocular Charging offers complete EV charging systems, including a software-based, stylish charge points management platform.

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Designed for Durability

Ocular DC fast chargers are significantly faster than regular AC charging stations taking between 15 and 45 minutes to charge most passenger electric vehicles up to 80 percent—making it quick and easy to charge on the go.

  • RCD inbuilt
  • 4G modem inbuilt
  • 7 inch LCD display
  • Metallic Frame
  • MID metering
  • OCPP 1.6
  • Wall and Floor Mounted Options

Ocular DC Charging Systems

Look inside our DC Charging Range

The Ocular DC Charger 40kW. The ideal solution for affordable DC charging which is ideally suited for commercial, fleet, and large residential uses.

Compact Size (55 kg)
40 kW  Output ( 240km of additional range per hour )
Easy Installation
Single or Dual Charging Options

The Ocular Dual DC Charger is designed to supercharge electric vehicles conveniently with its robust metal casing and functional 8inch LED display. The Ocular system is equipped to also power vehicles with high voltage battery systems. Compatible with all major EV Brands in Australia.

Great for the office, commercial applications or roadside
Charging Speed – up to 150 kW Depending on the model
Dual Charging – 2x EV’s at once
Compatible with all Electric vehicles with DC Capabilities

Ocular Dc 120kw Product

Ocular DC fast chargers

Compatible with all EV's and heavy vehicles

With up to 150 kW and 250 A of continuous power output, the Ocular units are is ideal for fleet & public application. Importantly our units are suitable for passenger and heavy vehicles including bus and trucks.

Reliable in every situation

Ocular DC Chargers are easy to install, and maintain thanks to its modular components, high quality electrical components and rugged, metallic frames.  Our units are designed for commercial application which demand reliability.

Adaptable for any application

One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why we created both wall and floor mounted units.  This design allows for a variety of parking spaces to be serviced