Built to Network

Our products are built with an electric future in mind. We’ve chosen only the most reliable network to run our smart chargers on to ensure that the Ocular Charging range is used long into the future.

With capabilities to monitor, analyse and bill for use, our products are built to make smart charging how it should be – easy

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Designed by Australians, for Australians

All of our products have undergone design specifications to make sure they excel in conditions that other chargers struggle with.

Our chargers are built to handle the Aussie heat, and have displays that shine through direct sunlight.

The Ocular range also has universal compatibility, so we can charge any EV in Australia.

Driving an EV isn’t boring, so why should charging be?

Our Dealers

We’ve got a dealer network that believes in the Ocular Charging mission.

Operating across Australia, rest assured that you’ll be charging with vision no matter where you’re from.

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Why Ocular is Different


Our chargers all come with Universal or Tethered options to ensure that everyone gets to Charge With Vision.

Reliability at it's core

Our products are the industry benchmark in regards to reliability. Be confident in your charging solutions


You’ll find our products are carefully designed with stylish finishes and enticing displays.