Ocular makes a positive impact on your life and business by revolutionizing the way we interact with technology.

At Ocular Charging, our mission is driven by a simple yet powerful “Why.” We exist to transform the way you charge, putting you in control and empowering you to embrace a future fuelled by the cheapest and greenest energy sources. We understand that charging your electric vehicle is not merely a mundane task; it’s a gateway to endless possibilities and a statement of your commitment to sustainability.

But it’s not just about the charger itself, it’s about how it makes you feel. Electric vehicle charging empowers your livelihood, enabling you to stay connected and productive while on the go, and knowing that your charger is always there to support our trusted network of electricians and the end user. We’re here to power the daily commute, family road trips, catch ups with friends and those closest to you. With Ocular chargers, you’re investing in a future filled with boundless opportunities and the chance to be part of a genuine green, technological revolution!

Join us as we redefine charging. Experience the simplicity, control, and joy of powering your life with Ocular Charging. Together, let’s embrace a sustainable future, one charge at a time.

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Join Our Network

Ocular Charging truly changes the game in electric charging hardware with benefits directly designed for our network of partners.

These include:

· A range that covers all needs across residential and commercial applications

· Locally researched, tested, supported and developed chargers means that the needs of Australians are met for their EV recharging needs

· Ocular was founded on a mission to create appealing, accessible, future-proofed and tech-enabled charging stations

· The stylish charge points and intelligent software applications are functional in all weather conditions

· Compatible with each EV available in the country

· Load management and OCPP compliance is also covered with reporting software available

· Exclusive B2B buying portal with transparent training, an installation guide, tech specs and discounts for electricians and wholesalers

· Clear user experience and processes for buyers

· Hardware is generally stocked in Australia to allow for quick dispatch times and custom installation


Durability for Sustainability

To ensure Australia’s sustainable future, Ocular has chosen to utilise durable materials especially in our commercial range. By using metal exteriors, our chargers will survive years of use.

We have designed our chargers to be fixable rather than replaceable. Keeping more materials out of landfill for longer.


Designed by Australians, for Australians

All of our products have undergone design specifications to make sure they excel in conditions that other chargers struggle with.

Our chargers are built to handle the Aussie heat, and have displays that shine through direct sunlight.

The Ocular range also has universal compatibility, so we can charge any EV in Australia.

Designed to be Simply Better



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Why choose us?


Our users will be confident in their ability to use our most advanced technology. Every time.

Our partners can count on easy installation across the diverse charge range.



Our products are the industry benchmark in regards to reliability. Our users can be confident in their charging solutions thanks to LCD screen to keep users updated.


Our expert team is ready to support and consult all partners in the installation process and any issues that arise.