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Ocular is dedicated to changing the way the world uses energy. Learn how we have implemented our diverse range of reliable EV chargers across industries in Australia to simply create a sustainable future.


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Transport for NSW – Fleet

Transport for NSW installed 19 Ocular IQ Commercial which are compatible with every EV in Australia and can be expanded in the future as the fleet grows. 


This installation marks the significant upgrade in the EV charging infrastructure of Transport for NSW, aligning with their sustainability commitment as a leader in the transportation sector.

Optus - Workplace

“The employees like the plug and play approach which makes it easier for them to park, plug and get started on their day.”

Optus is embracing the energy transition in Australia, having installed Ten Ocular IQ 22kW Wall boxes to make it easier for its employees and customers to drive electric cars, thereby reducing carbon emissions. Installation of these chargers is an important step for Optus’ commitment of their sustainability targets by 2025  and our charging infrastructure allows for future expansion

Ocular Iq Wallbox EV charging fleet commercial charger electric

Case Studies

Camden Council

Camden council has gone from zero to 5 public charging ports including a mix of the Ocular IQ range. Our Ocular IQ commercial features in-built LCD screen allowing drivers to understand the status of their charging session which reduces confusion and delivers hassle-free experience. And more importantly, they’re compatible with every Electric Vehicle in the market.


Ocular DC Charging stations are supporting Linfox with their transition to electric vehicles with 40kW DC chargers allowing their fleet of last mile trucks to electrify across multiple sites in Australia


Technology developed with the CSIRO to deliver the worlds most advanced load control systems. This commitment to offering the most advance charging stations gives you and your customers the ability to handle any charging solution for any business or home.

Technology that works with you for advanced simplicity.