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We are looking for qualified electricians to become installation partners with Ocular. You will work with us to become an official Ocular EV charging partner.

When you join our partnership, you will have access to our wide range of products at wholesale prices. You will find a charger solution to suit any job and with competitive wholesale rates you can increase your margins across all EV installations.

Partner Benefits

  • Local stocks and parts
  • Tools provided for easy installation
  • Technical training and certification
  • Access to our range with discount
EV Charging

Elevate your expertise as a premier EV Charging installer with Ocular’s unparalleled support

You possess robust client connections and expertise in the installation of EV charging infrastructure, or you are keen on venturing into the realm of EV charging to enhance your client service capabilities. At Ocular, we are poised to assist you in diversifying your revenue streams by expanding your current service portfolio. Ocular is the preferred choice of our partners, as they are assured of comprehensive support throughout the entire process, ensuring a positive experience for their clients. This allows them to concentrate on cultivating new business opportunities.

Grow your business

Partner with Ocular for a Superior EV Charging Solution

Through the Ocular Partnership, you will have access to our wide range of EV chargers at wholesale prices. Our wide range of product are suitable on jobs from a home garage to apartments and commercial carparks allowing a great diversity in your jobs.

With our wholesale pricing, you can increase your margins for greater revenue and greater possibility for you to grow your business.

There is expert support available to our installation partners. With comprehensive support, we are available to aid you in any challenges of installation such as connection requirements.

EV Charger

We are here for you

Our business models centers on our installation partners. We provide the support needed for all our partners to ensure installation is as easy as possible.

In addition to expert support, all our charging hardware is designed for simple installation. With less installation time, you can work on more jobs and earn more revenue for your business! Why partner with anyone else?

Click below to our installation page to find out about our training session for our partners.

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Customer Testimonials

Ocular Charging brings forward an innovative and cost-effective solution in EV charging that’s hard to find elsewhere in Australia. We’re routinely recommending Ocular products.
EVSE Australia Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Retailer
The Ocular EV Charger is a game-changer for simplicity and convenience. Charging my electric vehicle at home has never been easier. It’s user-friendly and packs smart features that make it a must-have for hassle-free charging.
EV Charging Consultant, CATEC Sydney, NSW

Frequently Asked Questions

No, Ocular Flexi Load Controller is compatible only with our Ocular Range of OCPP compatible charging stations. It is also able to communicate with the Ocular chargers locally offline. This a is very convenient solution as if network was to dropout the load management system would still be able to balance loads as it operates through LAN connection.
The Ocular chargers via OCPP 1.6 & 2.0 support smart charging profiles which allows agnostic load control via an OCPP system. Thus allowing you long term reliability and flexibility

Yes, we host webinars and have many video instructions with also detailed instruction guides/manuals. If ever confused or in need of an answer we also have a department of experience electrical engineers which are able to come to your aid.

Yes, with the Ocular firmware we are able to set hard limits to ensure operations run smoothly and without interrupting the existing infrastructure.

Yes, as it will provide the maximum 32A from a single phase of supply, while the remaining two phases are untouched.

The most affective and stable connection is by far hardwired. 4G or Wi-Fi can drop in and out of connection, a hardwired connection ensures you the chargers will receive the strongest and most stable connection ensuring you uptime of your chargers are guaranteed.

Want to become a certified Ocular Installer?

We’re always looking for best-in-class partners to help us meet the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure.

Fill in the form and we’ll get in touch with you.

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