How do we improve user experience?

Ocular focuses all hardware designs on the improvement of user experience. We integrate a range of technologies with our charging stations to provide more advanced capabilities. You will be able to manage your energy in more efficient ways than ever before!

EV Charging station software


Our diverse range of DC Chargers and almost all of our AC Chargers are OCPP compatible. Owners of charging stations can easily track, manage, bill and optimise vehicle charging. Not only are you improving sustainable infrastructure but earning additional hassle-free revenue. Find out key insights of your charger or fleet of chargers to optimise charging for efficient energy usage. Reliable EV charging has never been simpler.


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Load Management

Ocular provides two types of load management.

Load management allows multiple EVs to be charged simultaneously and efficiently with the power available to the site.

Both of our load management solutions will ensure a stable demand of energy across installed chargers on a site. Whether this be public, apartment, fleet or commercial you can ensure a safer load management of your energy supply which can be scaled in the future. Save money on complete switchboard upgrades, intergrating a load management solution instead.


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Installation partner EV charging charger
Charge easier

Access to charging software allow you to schedule charging, track energy usage and for businesses you can bill users

Available for everyone

You will have access to our expert support team, they will advise the most appropriate technology for your charging site.

Expert Support

Whether you are installing chargers in the home, an apartment, carpark or a workplace fleet you can benefit from utilising advanced charging technology