Control your Charging

This Smart Home EV Charging Station provides complete control of the charging experience with energy tracking and monitoring for the home. See details of live charging sessions on the dashboard as well as a record and analytics of past sessions. You can optimise your energy consumption through the scheduling feature.

Utilise off peak energy rates and peak solar production times by aligning your charging to the most energy and cost-efficient times. Save money and reduce your carbon footprint.


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Smarter. Simpler.

Finally a live screen and Bluetooth app that works together to provide all your charging feedback so you know exactly what’s happening every time you charge. You will have the ability to easily downrate and uprate the energy used in your charging. The installation process is a simple, mount and connect for our partners. Once installed, you can simply plug and charge your electric car to get back on the road sooner.

The Ocular LTE Plus is suited to withstand a wide range of weather conditions, from extreme cold to scorching heat. The IP66 rated casing means this charger is dust-tight and protected against strong jets of water. The type 2 cable is tethered for compatibility across almost every single EV brand and model in Australia.


Look inside the Ocular LTE.

Output Range

7kW (Single Phase) or 22kW (Three Phase)


w/6m Type 2 EV Cable


221 x 152 x 115 mm (Universal)

Input/Output Voltage


Input Frequency




Protection Degree


Operating Temperature

-40°C to +75°C


8 kg (w/6m cable)

Charge Smarter with LTE Plus

Smart Charge in Australia

The Ocular LTE Plus will charge any type 2 EV in Australia. Perfect for when you upgrade or switch to a new EV!

Live Monitoring and Customisation

Connect your charger to find out everything you need to know about charging your EV in real time. Set a schedule and record your home charging history.


You can get back to charging quicker with simple installation and operation without compromising on smart technology.