EV Charger Tester | Metrel | 1532 Adapter


EV Charging Station Tester | Metrel EVSE A 1532.

The A 1532 is an extender for interfacing EV Chargers also known as EVSE (Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment). It tests the socket of installation for verification of electrical safety and functionality. Suitable for testing Mode 3 (Level 2) EV charging stations with a type 2 connector. A1532 ESVE adapter is a special accessory for using with METREL installation testers or multi-functional measuring instruments.

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EV Charger Tester | Metrel | 1532 Adapter

This electric vehicle charging station testing equipment allows you to service and test EV Chargers deployed in public and commercial areas for electrical safety and compliance to AS3000 standards. The EVSE adapter allows you to test any charging station completely.

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Instruction Manual

– Connects directly to charge points without opening the box.
– Connects like an electric vehicle connection; so tests the whole system.
– Simulates the electric vehicle status: all at the turn of a switch.
– Simple connection to the charge point via a type 2 EV plug, and to the tester using the AS3112 socket or all three phases can be accessed using standard 4 mm connections.
– The A 1532 can be used with any installation tester, however, optimum performance is achieved with Metrel Multifunction Testers.

On-site testing of charging station installation.
Initial and periodic testing of private, semi-private and public charging stations.

The Metrel EVSE A 1532 tests any EV Charger for safety and compliance. 

  • Banana socket outputs for connection to 3-phase installation tester
  • Voltage indicators on EVSE output
  • Proximity Pilot resistance selector for simulation of EV cable presence and current rating detection
  • Control Pilot resistance selector for simulation of electric vehicle status
  • Socket output for connection to a 1-phase installation tester (Phase 1, Neutral, PE)
  • Type 2 Male Plug connector for connection to EVSE
  • 6 mA EV RCD support
  • Functional tests support*
  • EVSE AUTO SEQUENCE® support*
  • MESM report creation**
  • Basic support: A 1532
  • Partial support: 6 mA EV RCD
  • EVSE report**


* Functional tests and AUTO SEQUENCE® are supported only on the MI 3152 Eurotest XD

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EV Charging Station Tester | Metrel | 1532 Adapter, EV Charging Station Tester | Metrel | MI 3152 XC

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