30kW Ocular Roam Portable DC Charging Station


The Ocular Portable DC Charger is a transportable DC fast charger suitable for charging all types of electric vehicles, cars, trucks & buses.  Our world leading portable has powered fleets across Australia as the best in class portable DC charger.

  • Available in 20kW or 30kW version
  • OCPP 1.6
  • Portable with wheels and brake
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30kW Ocular Roam Portable DC Charging Station

DC Quick charging station offers Electric Vehicle owners an opportunity to charge their car safely and quickly.

  •  CCS EV charging station with  CCS Combo 2 (CHAdeMO to order only)
  • Portable- Plugs into 3-phase wall outlet 63Amp 3-phase (30kW)
  • Compatible with every EV
  • LCD monitor
  • 5m CCS2 Cable
  • 12-month Warranty
  • Meets Australian and European standards
  • Robust construction and silver-plated contacts assure a reliable connection.
  • LED User-friendly interface
  • Soft-switching technology, efficiency up to 95%
  • Available in 20kW or 30kW models

Input Requirements

  • AC Supply System Three-Phase, 5 Wire AC system
  • Nominal Input Voltage AC380V±15%
  • Input Frequency 45-65Hz

Environmental Requirements

  • Ambient Temperature Range -25 to 55°C
  • Ambient Humidity 5 to 95%
  • Storage Temperature -40 to 70°C

Mechanical Requirements

  • IP 54
  • Cooling Air-cooled

Output Requirements

  • Number of Outputs 1
  • Output DC 200-750V

User Interface & Display Requirements

  • Display & Touch-Screen Size 4.3 InchesTouch Screen
  • User Authentication Mobile Application or User Interface / QR Code/RFID Card /Password Login
  • Metering Information Consumption Units

Communication Requirements

  • Ethernet (optional)

Protection & Safety Requirements

  • Over Current, Under Voltage, Residual Current, Surge Protection, Leakage Protection, Short Circuit, Over Temperature, etc.

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