Ocular IQ Charging Modes

The Ocular IQ Solar has Three Electric Car Charging Modes


In this mode, the vehicle will be charged at maximum power. This power can come from a renewable energy source or simply from the grid. If you have set a power limit on the schedule or by the electrician that will be the maximum power. This mode can be used irrespective of Solar. IF you have no renewables this is the only mode that will work


Solar Assist

This will charge your EV at a minimum of 6 Amp plus any excess solar produced. If solar production is low, power will be drawn from the grid at any time of day. This is the preferred solar mode especially on cloudy days or when you have a smaller solar system. This will ensure a continuous charge plus any excess solar your home produces.


Solar Only

This will charge your EV only when excess solar is produced. Please note a minimum excess of 8 Amp is required to use this mode to protect the integrity of your vehicle’s battery. If the solar production drops below 6Amp the charging will pause and then restart after 2 mins of excess solar. Please note with smaller solar systems or cloudy days this may result in only a small amount of electricity going into the vehicle. Often hot water systems, air conditioning and general day to day usage at home can use a significant proportion of your solar generation.

We recommend this mode when you have clear excess amount of solar production. Use solar assist when your production is low or intermittent.

Solar App

Ocular App

Ocular IQ APP

The Ocular App is required to use the charger. You click on the Apple or Google App store to download the OCULAR APP (or) search via your relevant app store.

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IQ Solar Specifications

2.8″ LCD Screen.
All Weather Capable



Input/Output Voltage

AC 230V / 400V

Max. Output Power

7.6kW (Single Phase)

22kW (Three Phase)

Max Output Current


Input Frequency