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Why Australia needs more DC chargers

Australia is far behind in the world of electric vehicles, less than 4% of all new vehicle sales are electric.  Although this number is increasing, it has become apparent Australia does not have the appropriate infrastructure to support this change. The high demand for EVs and government subsidies for purchase are driving the need for quality DC public charging facilities.


Ocular titan EV fast DC charging station

DC Chargers generally provide electric vehicles with full charge in less than an hour, depending on the power of the charger it could be as little as 15 minutes. Therefore they are installed in high-turnover areas and along major highways. The implementation of DC charging stations is incredibly important for the mainstream adoption of electric vehicles in Australia. The number one factor discouraging the purchase of an electric vehicle in Australia is accessibility to charging infrastructure and range anxiety. Range anxiety – the fear of driving an EV and running out of power – is a major issue internationally for EV drivers but, due to there being vast distances between major cities, it is even more prominent in Australia.


For electric vehicles to become the standard, as the local and federal governments are encouraging, the public needs to have confidence in their electric vehicle to arrive at their destination. The installation of quality public charging infrastructure across major roads, especially in regional Australia, will decrease range anxiety and encourage the purchase of an EV. DC charging stations are especially important due to the low charge time allowing for high turnover in public areas.


As the ownership of electric vehicles continues to become more affordable, the demand for public infrastructure will continue to increase. Recent headlines of over an hour queue to use a DC charger emphasise how unprepared Australia is for the inevitable electrification of cars for the general public. While many metropolitan areas are seeing the installation of AC and DC charging stations, the regional areas are lacking quality infrastructure. This affects the willingness of locals of regional areas to purchase an EV and more so, visitors to the area who do not have access to a home charging station.


Ocular’s mission is to solve the need for a simple yet reliable solution to power Australia’s sustainable future. Our expanding offering of DC charging stations ranging from 60kW to 150kW ensures an appropriate solution for all businesses looking to support Australia’s sustainable future.



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