Ocular IQ Solar

In the evolving world of electric vehicles (EVs), the need for innovative and sustainable charging solutions is paramount. The Ocular IQ Solar not only efficiently charges EVs, but also harnesses the sun’s energy to provide an environmentally friendly and cost-effective driving experience.  

Smart Charging with a Solar Touch:  

Ocular IQ Solar works like a standard EV charger, but with a solar mode that allows users to utilise 100% green energy generated by solar power or wind generation systems. Whether you already have solar panels on your roof or plan to integrate them in the future, the IQ Solar is designed to seamlessly adapt to your sustainable energy journey.  

The accompanying free app empowers users to control every aspect of their EV charging at their fingertips. From monitoring charging history to calculating charging costs based on electricity rates, and programming schedules to control charging times – the app offers a comprehensive toolset for an enhanced charging experience. 


Future-Proof Charging:
One of the greatest features of the Ocular IQ Solar is its adaptability. The charger works efficiently with or without solar power, making it an ideal choice for those looking to integrate solar power in the future. This future-proof feature ensures that as renewable energy solutions become more accessible, your charging station can readily embrace the green transition.  


Charging Modes for Every Need:
The Ocular IQ Solar is available in 7kW and 22kW versions, with or without a 5 meter long cable. It can operate in three distinct charging modes: Fast, Solar Assist and Solar Only. 

Fast Mode: This mode allows the vehicle to charge at maximum power and draw energy from renewable sources or the grid based on pre-set limits.  

Solar Support: This mode ensures a minimum charge of 6 Amps plus any excess solar energy. This mode is particularly advantageous on cloudy days or in the case of small solar power systems, ensuring uniform charging while maintaining excess solar power.  

Solar Only:  In this mode, EVs are only charged when excess solar energy is generated, minimising CO2 emissions and reducing charging costs. It intelligently pauses and resumes charging based on solar power to maintain vehicle battery integrity.  


Power Balancing for Safety and Efficiency:  

The IQ Solar uses advanced technology to balance power consumption and prevent power supply overload. The system uses CT clamps to continuously monitor the available power in the home and adjust charging speeds in real-time based on energy constraints. This ensures a smooth charging experience even in households with limited power.


The Ocular IQ Solar is not just a regular charger; it’s a testament to the future of sustainable driving. By seamlessly integrating with solar power and providing intelligent charging modes, it not only ensures a fast and safe charging experience but also contributes to a lower carbon footprint. With the Ocular IQ Solar, power is truly in your hands – a step towards a greener, more efficient, and sustainable future on Australian roads.  

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