Ocular IQ Commercial Charger

In the rapidly advancing landscape of electric vehicle (EV) charging, the Ocular IQ Commercial Charger emerges as a standout choice for high-volume commercial applications. With its robust metallic frame, extra-large LCD screen, and a host of advanced features, this charger is set to redefine the standards for public and fleet EV charging. 

Designed for Durability and High-Volume Usage: The Ocular IQ Commercial Charger is covered in a robust case, making it an ideal solution for demanding high-volume commercial charging environments. The sturdy metallic frame ensures longevity and reliability, emphasizing durability in the face of heavy usage. 

Versatile Installation Options: Whether wall-mounted or post-mounted, the Ocular IQ Commercial Charger offers versatile installation options, seamlessly integrating into diverse environments. This adaptability makes it a fitting choice for a range of locations, ensuring a hassle-free setup. 

Extreme Weather Resilience: Engineered to withstand a spectrum of weather conditions, from freezing cold to scorching heat, the Ocular IQ Commercial Charger consistently delivers optimal performance. Its resilience ensures uninterrupted charging operations regardless of the environmental challenges.  

Universal Connectivity with OCPP: The Ocular IQ Commercial Charger is OCPP-enabled, allowing for universal connectivity. This means seamless integration with any networking software for personalized experiences, billing, and fleet monitoring, providing a truly customisable charging solution. Through this, the management of the charger with a smartphone app via OCPP becomes a reality.  

Flexible Charging Options: Available in 7kW and 22kW options, the Ocular IQ Commercial Charger accommodates a variety of EV charging needs. The 22kW option delivers an impressive 120km of driving per hour of charge, while the 7kW option offers 50km.                                  

Advanced Efficiency Features: Go beyond basic functionality with the Ocular IQ Commercial Charger’s inbuilt multi-level load balancing and cluster connectivity. These features ensure fair distribution of charging power among connected vehicles while respecting grid connection point limitations, optimizing overall efficiency. 

Intuitive LED Indicator System: Featuring LED lights indicating the charger’s status—charging, faulty, or available—the Ocular IQ Commercial Charger enhances user experience and simplifies the overall charging process. 

In conclusion, the Ocular IQ Commercial Charger represents a leap forward in EV charging technology, combining durability and efficiency in a single, powerful package. Embrace the future of electric mobility with this innovative charging solution, where resilience meets high-performance charging for public and fleet applications. 


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