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Installations Frequently Asked Questions

Are there grants given out for EV chargers?

EV charger grants are given on a per state basis. We would recommend checking out each state’s respective website on EV charger grants.

What protection device do I need for AC chargers?

All of our chargers come with 6mA DC Leakage Detection. Both the Commercial and Tower have a Type B RCD.

We recommend installing a minimum of 40A Type A RCBO for all AC chargers. 

For both the Commercial and Tower, an MCB would be the best choice.

What happens if the internet drops out to my charger? Will the software still work? Will the charger still be able to function?

If the internet connection drops out during a charging session on a charger in the IQ or DC range, then the charging session will stop. You will have to re-authorise the charging session again.

There is a special option to have the charger continue to charge after internet connection drops, where the charger will charge at its lowest speed which is 6A.

Will I get discounts if I purchase more chargers?

Providing further discounts on-top of our wholesale pricing can be discussed. Please reach out to us to discuss your options at:

Can I add load management onto my existing EV chargers?

With the installation of additional EV chargers, this can be done, however it is rather difficult to do for existing chargers. We recommend installing load management prior to the original chargers being installed. This will help future proof your project with future charger installations.

 Can I add more chargers onto my existing charging network?

Yes this can be done, depending on your distribution board rating. Contact us or your electrician for more support.

Can I get a 4G modem installed after purchase?

This is possible with the Ocular IQ Wallbox and Ocular IQ Commercial Wallbox at an additional cost. We recommend purchasing the 4G model of your selected charger if you believe that you may require one within your project.

How do I become an EV Charger Installation Partner?

Ocular works with a wide range of electrician partners across Australia to improve the sustainable infrastructure for the future. In order to become an authorised Ocular installer, a licensed electrician must attend one of our monthly training webinars. A member of our engineering team will provide information and guidance on the installation process for a number of chargers in our range and you will be able to ask any questions about Ocular chargers. Fill out the form and a member of our team will be in contact with you for further information.